Celebration of the Saint Elijah Day

On Tuesday August 2 at noon in the ceremonial rooms of the Aero Club House, Uzun Mirkova 4, will be marked the holiday of aviation protector St. Elijah.


Serbian Orthodox Church and its believers celebrate St. Elijah, who, with St. Nicholas, is the most respected saint among the Serbs. According to legend, St. Elias rides a fiery chariot, in which are harnessed four horses with flame appearing from its nostrils. Thunder is nothing but rumbling of St. Elias fiery car, who drives them and masters the sky.


Even in 1924 it was recognized that the St. Elias day is celebrated as the day of all aviators. We dedicated aviators, place great importance on marking this day, and we expect your help, support of our state of Serbia and the Saint Elias, to spread the wings of the domestic aviation again. Precious knowledge and technology must be transferred to our successors who will once again soar in our skies, like the mythical bird Phoenix. This will effectively start this economically very important and profitable sectors in the countries reindustrialization.


This year's host of celebration is National Aero Club of Serbia "Our Wings," and last year the honor of being the host had the Cluster of Serbian Aeronautical Industry.