MAKS 2011

The tenth annual International Aviation and Space salon MAKS 2011, which was held from 16 to 21 August in the town of Zhukovsky has been successfully completed with significant improvements in the organization, number of participants, volume of business generated and, most significantly, in presentations of new projects of cosmic and the aviation industry.


The most important participants in this year's MAKS have concluded business agreements  worth of more than 16 billion dollars, and the main event was sure the signing of the document on cooperation between state-owned corporation Russian Technologies with Boeing and the French group Safran, which has a strategic character.

The increase in the number of participants in this year's Salon confirms the potential of increased Russian aviation and space industry and significant interest in major world producers to cooperate with them.  Out of 842 exhibitors from 40 countries, it was more than 220 international, a significant increase compared to the MAKS 2009. At 150,000 square meters of open space and 30,000 m2 of the covered salons was introduced a range of modern civil and military aircraft and of cosmic technology projects.
  The flying display of this year's MAKS has shown 102 aircraft in flight. Flight Research Institute named after a famous test pilot Mikhail Gromov Mihailovic, allowed the demonstration of the flight and the premiere of the fifth generation fighter, the "invisible" Sukhoi T-50, medium-range airliner Tu-204SM, Mi-38 helicopter with a Russian-made engines, Mi-34S1, and Mi-26T2. Sukhoi Superjet 100 has been shown in flight as a serial passenger aircraft. After the appearance of the “invisible fighter” the greatest attention of the visitors of the MAKS 2011 was caused by the first occurrence in Russia and flight demonstration of the largest aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380 a "super jumbo", and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Participation in flight part of the program took the French Rafale and USAF F-15 with a very attractive program.
  A special pleasure for aviation enthusiasts staged by acrobatic teams Strizhi (Su-27), Russian Falcons (Su-27), Russian Knights (MiG-29), Rus (L-39 Albatros), and Lithuanian acrobatic team Baltic bees (L-39C Albatros ). All acrobatic groups performed daily during the MAKS-2011.
  The static exhibition has shown 241 aircraft from Russia and the world. USAF part of the exhibition displayed a number of aircrafts such as: A-10, F-16, C-5M Super Galaxy, DC-10 (version for transport of personnel and cargo), and even the Flying Fortress B-52, which is older than many of the participants and visitors to the MAKS in 2011.
  Russian federation has exhibited everything of its aviation that is curently being either operationaly used or tested. Curious audience had a unique opportunity to see Tu-144, the older generation supersonic airliner.
  The organizers and participants of the exhibition have made effort to organize about forty meetings of congressional type, with most of them included in the official program MAKS.
  There were 42 presentations of various programs in the field of production of aircraft, aviation history and science.
  The delegation of the Cluster of Serbian Aeronautical Industry, on the invitation of the Union of Aviation Industrialists of Russia, participated on 18th August in the work of the Russian-French Round Table on cooperation of small and middle enterprises held at the Congress Centre of MAKS.
  On that occasion, substantial contacts with domestic and foreign producers and associations of Aeronautical Industry were achieved, and established the forms of institutional cooperation that will be regulated by detailed agreements.
  MAKS 2011 attracted wide attention of both, professionals and aviation enthusiasts. According to the evidence of salons management, the exhibition was visited by 110,000 experts in the commercial part of the exhibition, and over 550,000 aviation enthusiasts during the three days the Zhukovsky airport was open for the public.