Tesla - One life

Mr Aleksandar Milinkovic and I will try with short letter to express our adiration for Nikola Tesla, as boy from Smiljan, which has grown into one of the greatest minds who ever live. And he wanted in an iternal game naged to stay until the and a boy, in an iternal game with his first "scientific" question: Is the nature a cat? If it`s a thrue, who is pulling for her tail?

  Time passes and memories fade. For a hudred and fifty-five years of birth and 68 of the Tesla`s death, it should be retained only memories sieve the major grain his life and work. With the Tesla, however, never and nothing was tipical and same. With the seventy thousans sites, as google able to count, with tens of thousands titles, how he managed to gather the Amazon, it seems that perhas no contemporary schoolar, including Stephen Hawking, not occupaying so much attention and lay people and scientists. Once there wasn`t Google, a first in that time when all his glory was attended by Tesla himself. And as a man and as an inventor, Tesla has earned enormous admiration for future generations, not only for scientific work and discovery that is left behind, but more than that, for the route  which was set up in front of you, to many scientists of our time. When he was once asked wether he bothers sometimes envy and misunderstanding of his fellow scientists, he replied: "Not at all. They work for today, and I create for tomorrow". Therefore, we feel it necessary to repeat at as oftem as possible and that, at least the key, as Tesla as already achieved and possible world in which we live today:
  • He found the engine and the AC power transformer. (Just think of all the motor units that work In your home.)
  • He found a three-fase electricity and contributed to the alternatiting current as base electrical distruted system used all over the world.
  • His transformer His transformer high-voltage system has enabled the development of transmission and receptions of televisions images on computer monitors
  • Without his invention called "Loged gate", computer in facte, there would be no.
  • He found radio (U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1943, rejected the Marconi patent applications and patent awarded to Tesla)
  • The basis of many medical devices, including PET scanners, sets, and many realized, Tesla.
  • One a few years after the Wright Brothers flight, reported the first patents on a revolutionary aviation.
  • Created the basics of robotics and teleautomation.
  • Total reported about 1000 patents.
In short: today without his inventions would be nothing that requires electrical power drive, and then any other systems such as television and video, radio or computer high tech. Without his inventions would not be a modern aviation and cosmonautics. Without his inventions the world would not be a "global village", overlooking the endless expanse of the universe.

  Finally, to quote a famous scientist and editor in chief of the magazine "Electrical Experimenter", Gernsbeka Hugo, who in January 1919 wrote: "Several years ago, in an interview that he took, a well-known journalist asked me: -Who is in my opinion, currently the world's greatest inventor I replied: - If you think who really invented, in other words, created and discovered - and not just improve what others before him invented, it is undoubtedly the world's largest Nikola Tesla inventor, not only today, but all the time. Tesla's original invention more than any other man in history. Much of Archimedes, Faraday and Edison. His primary and those revolutionary discoveries unmatched in the history of civilianstion. It is quite possible that his genius is one of the seven wonders of the intellectual world. "Finally, I consider it obligatory to tell you the key dates in the life and work of Nikola Tesla:

  • 1856th (July 10) Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan (Lika, Yugoslavia;
  • 1862-1866. Attend lower secondary school in Gospic;
  • 1866-1870. Attending college high school in Karlovac;
  • 1875-1878. He studied at the Technical College of Graz;
  • 1879th Interruption of studies and works for a while in a technical company in Maribor;       
  • 1880th He continued his studies in Prague;
  • 1881-1882. Works in Budapest in the Telephone Society;
  • in 1882. Revealed in Budapest rotating magnetic field and polyphase electricity;       
  • "1882nd Coming to Paris, where he employs in Edison EuropCommunist Youth League organization, which he was transferred to Strasbourg where he worked for about two years;
  • 1884. He went to America, in New York for the first year at Edison. Improved arc lamp and dynamo machines;
  • 1887th Patented asynchronous motors and power transmission, as well as generators and transformers multiphase current;
  • 1890th Works on generators high frequency, reveals the high frequency currents and their physiological effects and light;
  • 1891st Patents transformer for high frequency;
  • 1892nd He stayed at home, in Gospic, Zagreb and Belgrade;
  • 1894th Experimenting with radio transmission.
  • 1895th He began work on the first unit the Niagara Falls hydroelectric power plant at Tesla's system;
  • 1896th Completed power plant at Niagara Falls and started working the first transmission line to Buffalo;
  • 1897th Applying patent wireless remote control;
  • 1899-1900. Sends radio signals to remotely at Colorado Springs;
  • 1900-1905. Building a great radio station with a high antenna tower on Long Island near New York;
  • 1909-1922. Finds the turbine and various other inventions in mechanical engineering in NewYork;
  • 1943rd (January 7) Nikola Tesla died.



Velibor Vukasinovic
General manager of the Clusters of Serbian Aeronautical industry