The Tesla's Day celebrated in Zemun
On Sunday 10th July, in a unique way for the first time, in Zemun marked "Tesla`s Day!"

  At three difrent locations in the building of Zemun, Zemun quay on the Gardos Kula, day-long program many guests from the world of science and art, visitors and media representatives of Zemun reminded of Tesla`s Day great works. The program began with formal academy in the municipality of Zemun, which was opened by Olga Zoric, president of the Organizing Committee Evenets and deputy chair of the Municipal Assembly of Zemun. Zemun, this 10th July is the meeting places of people like Tesla, scientists, artists and above all people with a big heart to adopt and spread the spirit of Tesla unstoppable, that there are no limits as they are not there for his mind, why are Philadelphia, Zagreb, New York, Ontario, Perth, Belgrade and Zemun, on the same day, same hour, the absolute and unique Tesla`s lighthouses. Also, from here I wish to extend my invitation to all cities and municipalities in Serbia to mark in the future the 10th July, date of birth of Nikola Tesla, who had recently been officially named the day of science in our country'', said Olga Zoric opening "Tesla Day Event."
  From Zemun, then, to the native Smiljan flew a white dove in honor of ecumenical scientist Tesla. Following the solemn academy, with Tesla Tesla, scientist and man met us through presentations Velibor Vukašinoviæ, president of The Cluster of Serbian Aeronautical Industry, Bozidar Kljajeviæ writer, who inspired and moving homily on the origin of surnames Tesla, then Milica Kessler in front of the Museum of Nikola Tesla thanked the municipality Zemun in the right mark of Tesla`s concept, which covered the whole Tesla`s personality.
  In front of Zemun Ksenija Uzunovic, a member of the Council, red letters of support  to Zemun of Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, New York, Zagreb and construction activities of the Association of Tesla's tower, while Danica Simic presented the initiative Tesla Scientific Fondation from Philadelphia that the municipality of Zemun include the event "Tesla`s day'' in the official annual program, which would strengthen the links between Philadelphia and Zemun and ensure cooperation in the fields of science, culture, economy and all other forms of social and intergovernmental cooperation. On the basis of the act that was signed on 30 June 2011, the municipality of Zemun was the first municipality which officially mark and organize all-day event in honor of Nikola Tesla, which is in the words of President Tesla Science Foundation, Michael Huter and representatives of Tesla's Club of Philadelphia, a sufficient reason that Zemun 2012th wiil be the world center of Tesla's day.





After the film Tesla's patents and inventionts '' by Dusan Sinadinoviæ, a member of the Organizing Committee of Tesla's Day Events'' Goran Perunicic said that Organizing Committee will launch the initiative, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education, establish a fund of Nikola Tesla aimed at the affirmation of science, research and inventions, and one of Belgrade's bridges are being built bear the name of Nikola Tesla, and the Parliament building and the start of Zemun Tesla's decision to build the tower and decision about manifestation ''Tesla`s day'' as Tesla's traditional event Zemun at par with world cities. Ceremony ended with a cocktail and presentation of exhibits, the most significant being the flag carrier and lyre emblem cut by lightning. Banner was created by Nikola Tesla and sent it to the 1936th in Belgrade, on the occasion of 10 - the anniversary of the Workers' Singing Society ''Nikola Tesla''.


  Program, which took place on the Zemun quay, was in the implementation of the Cluster of Srbian Aeronautical Industry. Also, it was an opportunity for  the audience to acquent with many models of aircraft, ships and cars and remote controlled cars.
  Crown of events in the Zemun was the Gardos tower when it opened an exhibition of unpublished photographs from the Tesla album.
  The audience enjoyed the Gardos in the game and music folklore ''Nikola Tesla'', poetry and prose of the members of the Literary Club ''Ivo"Andric", the passage from Tesla monodrama ''Tesla or adjusting of Angels" in the performance of actor Ljubivoje Tadic and commissioning drive fascinating ''Tesla's transformer".
  Birthday of the great scientist Nikola Tesla, who is the indelible mark the way of progress of the modern world and humanity, overed a track ''Far Away", performed by violinists Marko Brkic and Stanko Pavlovic, members of Cultural and Art Society which named ''Pavlovic PTT Serbia".